Day 12, 13, 14: First excuse

Monday and Tuesday were really bad days. Huge bad mood going on, while still staying at my sister’s. Monday I didn’t go much, but Tuesday was a busy day, all the time at the office, between one meeting and another.

Got a terrible email from my mother and was a lot sad most of the day. I know I will have to organize my head when it comes to this before even be able to write down my feelings. But all I can say is that its time to have a moment away from her and possible from family in general. I cant wait to March to be able to travel and renew my hopes, my dreams, to re-energize my heart and myself.

It’s a hard moment and a moment of being alone most of the time. But its important. I need to focus. And the focus now its me, myself and I.


I was reading a blog and found this:

1. First, decide what you really want. Studies have shown it’s hard to get something if you’re not sure what it is. If time and money were no object, who would you be? What would you do?

I found out that is not that I don’t know what I want, its more that I want too many things. So I will take slow and I will set that what I want now is a vacation. And some love.

2. Never make decisions based on the perceived limitations in front of you.
There is almost always a way around perceived limitations; watch this video for a great example. Instead, make decisions based on what you identified in Step 1.


I will take the risk and I wont see any limitation right now. I know that everything is possible and I have all the tools to make it happen. So I will do it.

3. Take small, immediate steps toward getting what you want.
Don’t wait long; take the first step right now. Possible small steps toward traveling where you want to include reading a guidebook at the library or bookstore, saving $2 a day, scheduling a date in your calendar even if you’re not sure it will work, etc.


First step right now was to call Cassia and ask her to check for a ticket for me. I need all the options possible and I will be able to compare with the online options that I have been researching already. Also I started to make contacts with people from the city that I want to go, so I can have an idea about how it will be, what can I do while there and so on. From tomorrow on I will start the saving 2 dollars a day. hehehe But I have set the date, I want to leave before my birthday, to be able to celebrate there.

4. Review the steps on a regular basis. If it’s your life dream to go to Destination x, write it on a post-it note and put it where you’ll see it everyday. Then always think, “What’s next? How can I make this happen?”


Everyday I will be adding something new about my trip. I want to read about the city, I want research about jobs, courses and so on. Today I left my sister’s place and I will be staying until Sunday at my cousin’s apt. Of course that most of the time I will be somewhere, doing whatever and work, but that’s it. Third place in 10 days and I am missing home already. Still, I continue ask… where is home?


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