Day 10: PMS Alert

Its a fact that my mood today was really crap. No patience at all and every little details was a reason to get me down.

Mom called and didnt really ask about how I was, just wanted to talk bullshit about what she was doing and bla bla bla.. I felt like crying.

Alex didnt pay attention to what I was saying and left without saying goodbye… I felt like crying.

My sister didnt move out of the couch until 4pm and was all the time waiting for me to cook, to do the things and bla bla, even tho I am a guest at her house… I felt like kicking her ass and cry.

I knew that Tommy wouldnt show up today to tell me how beautiful I am, even tho I was feeling terrible ugly today… I felt like crying.

It didnt stop raining in the morning, so the girls canceled our plans to go to the beach house… I felt like crying.

I am confused about my next plans and actually have so many things going on inside my head right now… I felt like crying.

I look around me and I see no one to calm me down, hug me and tell me that everything will be just fine… Even tho I know that it will be fine… I felt like crying.

Came to grandma’s house, girls night out to have dinner and watch a love story movie… I cried there like a baby… I guess now I am ready to go to sleep.


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