Day 9: The rain…

Finally some rain in this HELLcity… This week was just way too warm. So this morning finally we saw some raining falling from the sky… and what a lovely morning it was.. Specially because I didn’t have to leave the house… I could just enjoy the warm bed, watching a movie and doing my regular research online.

I had a nightmare tho… I had this dream that one of my ex-bosses called me… but of course, he didn’t a say a word. I can’t make it up words from him since that I have no clue whats going on inside his head… I was on the phone and mostly I was just asking questions and telling him how disappointed I was… What a surprise huh?

So I have decided to invest some of my money in Education. Of course this is a hard thing to decide. Options? So far I have 4 😉

1. Technical Course in Secretarial

2. Technical Course in Business

3. TEFL certificate (so I can teach English)

4. Bachelors in English, Writing and Literature.

To be really honest, I am interesting in take the numbers 1 and 3 first. But that means that I will have to take a huge part of my savings. But at the same time, I will have 2 new diplomas by August. Of course that means that I will be studying like crazy during the next 5 months and I will have to spend about 2 months in US while taking the TEFL certificate.

I gotta sleep on this idea… meditate, meditate… but I don’t have much time left…*sigh*, what should I do?


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