Day 6: Have I said how much I hate doctors?

So, to get officially fired here in Brazil, you need to be cleared by a doctor that will confirm that I am not sick and I have no problems at all. Usually it takes 2 minutes where the doctor look at you and ask few questions. I went there today and doctor looked at me and say:

– Are you single?

– Yes, Sir! – I answered.

– Where do you live? – he kept asking me.

– Close to here – I said.

– Hmm I need to send some doctors around to check if the men in this neighborhood have some problems with their vision.

– Ha? (nerd face)

– They might all be blind, because it’s not acceptable that a woman like you are single. – He said while checking me looking from up to down.

– Can I still be fired even if I am single?

– Unfortunately you can. But I still hope you get a boyfriend soon. Remember, don’t give up. A man needs a woman, just like a woman needs a man!

– Errr, ok, thanks!


I left hating every second that I had to spend inside his office. And how inconvenient…

The rest of the day was also a struggle. So warm and I had to walk half of the city to do stuff. But I hope that tomorrow I am done with this so busy schedule… After all, I am officially jobless right? 😉


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