Day 5: Where is home?

The week has just started and today was a super busy day. Organized a bunch of stuff at my sister’s place before going to work at the non-profit. Now that I have time to dedicate myself there, I have so many things that it’s actually surprising how I thought I would manage both jobs.

My skin hurts from the beach yesterday, I am such a fake Brazilian, that always get sick after a day at the beach, crazy. But its summer, the worse time of the year for me, at least until I can’t have it an AC walking around with me 24 hours a day… Probably once I have this, I will start enjoying the summer…

As for my thought of the day, I have started looking for some ticket deals and travel plans… not much tho, but still… But I was caught by a memory of something that I heard in a movie the other day, saying that: “Home is where we are…” and I got myself thinking that I agree with it, but at the same time don’t feel home where I am. Probably because my thoughts are way too far away right now…

Sometimes I found myself being so¬†detached when it comes to where I live… My cousin was just in need of a place to crash for a few days and I said, sure, right away and let her stay there while I packed a couple of things and came to my sisters. Detached… probably because I don’t feel that is really my place, my home.. it’s just a place where I crash myself for a while…

but if one could ever know how I anxious I feel for not having a place to call home…


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