Day 3: “I walk through the world but where are my friends?”

Working meeting last night was pretty good. I have a bunch of new goals and work to have it done until end of February. But that’s probably all. From March until June, I wont have much going on, except all the study and reading that I want to focus on it. Not sure when I will have the motivation to start looking for a new job or if I ever will. I totally feel that its time for me to invest in something on my own… Thoughts for later tho..


My cousin didn’t show up nor even called me to cancel our beach plans. After wait for a while, I called him and he apologize, he ended up making plans to go out with some girls and bla bla bla. Fine! Went back to bed and watched Scott Pilgrim Vs The World that Alex said that it was such a great movie and I should watch it, so I did. Hmm It was like a typical guys movie for me. Not like great movie, but it was ok. Maybe with some company I would have enjoyed better, but anyway.

Company will actually be a big issue now while living in Recife. I gotta say that it will suck. While working 2 jobs and keeping myself as much busy as possible, I didn’t have much time left to notice the fact that I don’t have friends in this city anymore. But now, with a bunch of free time, it will be hard to ignore.

And why I don’t have friends here, you may ask. Few reasons, I guess. One, it’s that my old friends have moved on with their lives while I was living around the world. We eventually keep contact, but everyone is kind of busy, married, with kids, and having their own personal drama to deal with and I no longer fit their lives. Same with me. I lost the interesting in a few people who I used to be friends with and I feel no longer connected with them. It’s the typical, life moves on. No one to blame, it’s just a fact.

Another fact is that I have this forever desire of scape from Recife as soon as possible. Since I can’t remember. No matter how hard I try or how long I end up staying here, my heart is not fully happy, satisfy… This heat is killing me tho and I always feel that I don’t belong here.

But see, even tho I always felt this way, in the past I was able to make friends. Such as friends at school, friends from work, friends from the Theater class or whatever. But since that I got back I wasnt able to it. People from work, are people from work, no matter how friendly they seem to be. They are not people who I would call out if I needed something, nor people who I would call to hang out on a Saturday.

So this is something that I should either work on it, getting new friends, or I should forget about it and get out of here.

The good thing tho, and there is always a good thing, it’s that, family has been a big part of my life since that I got back. Specially the side of my family that I have been avoiding for a long time. I am happy with the chance to reconnect with them and have a great time. I can say that most of my great family moments in 2010 were with and thanks to them.

But now, its time for some exercise… 2011 running to be beautiful! 🙂


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