Day 2: Starting the Journey

Amy’s concert was pretty good and I had the chance to meet a bunch of friends that I haven’t seen in ages. I guess my social life has been too boring, even tho I dont complaint. I like the way it is. But still is fun to be able to meet up with friends more often, and I am sure that being “on vacation” for a while now, it will make this possible.

So today I start my journey when it comes to be moving around. I will spend about 15 days at my sister’s place, probably after that I will spend a week at the beach house. After that, I should have a more clear mind about few things that is already going on inside my head and I will be able to make decisions.

Will I leave the country right away? Will I stay here and try new work projects?

A lot of people will tell me these days that “one door that closes, open another one”. But for me is different. This door I have been trying to close for a while and thanks God is finally close. But means that now I will have to decide about at least 2 new doors. They are right in front of me, wild open and calling my attention. Which way should I take it?

And it’s not like there is one bad and one good. Both are good ways to go but they will take me to totally different directions. I have the feeling that no matter where I go, my future will bright and happy, but still, at some point, I will have to make a decision. And for someone who can’t hardly decide about what to wear, what to pack, which glasses go out today, imagine when it comes to a decision that will absolutely change my life…

I am afraid to say that I will postpone this decision as long as possible. And for a while I will be living one day after another, until my heart and mind gets in full harmony about which door I should go through…

As for work, meeting at the non-profit this evening and tomorrow is beach time! 🙂


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