Day 1: The Plan!

So my main plan is to keep this blog for 1 year! 365 days. And yes, I do need to write every single day. Excuses might be accepted, in case I am traveling and have no internet connection, or something really drastic happens, which I hope, we hope, it wont happen, right? But I want to make a record of the next year right after I lost my job. And why is that, you may ask. And my answer is pretty simple, because I want to show people and prove myself, that loosing a job is not a bad thing. The actually big deal about it, its that now I have time and can focus again in something that will bright my life and my future, because my last job was something that was making me extremely sick and I had no future whatsoever.

Just for the record, because I wont be talking much about my last job, I really wanna focus in the future, but I wanted to be fired. This is was something that was hoping that would happen, even tho I wasn’t seeing any possibility for a while, but than, voilà, it happened. And Thanks God it did! The process during was way stressful, but the last day was kind of good. So I am happy about it!

Lets move on!

So here I am, day 1!  As expected I am not depressive or sad. I am relieved. There are a lot of stress in my body and soul right now, but I will be taking care of this in the next days. If you think that I will be making a whole bunch of plans right now, I am sorry for disappointing you, but I wont. Its now time for me to take care of myself, and relax… Probably do very little in the next days. My mind tho will be popping with ideas, and arguments and issues. I will registering here as much as I can. This way I can sit back and read about it later this month.

But today is just day one and I am allow to have some fun and celebrate. For those of you who cant join me for real, enjoy me while listening to what I will be listening live tonight:

Janelle Monae – Cold War
Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So Maybe No
Amy Winehouse – Love is a losing game


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