Day after Day, Dea after Dea

When I was in school, I remember to read the book Sophie’s World. During a whole year, Philosophy was part of my thoughts. I remember to be touched by couple of philosophers, but in particular one who said something like: “we shouldn’t never name a river. It’s in constantly change”… If I am not wrong, and excuse me if I am, because see, it has been few years since I read this book, but anyway, if I am not wrong, Heraclitus was the one who said that. But either way, if was really him or not, the point is that I feel the same. I feel that I am in constantly change. Everyday. Its like if I gather a few things and loose a couple of others, I learn and I forget, I born and I bury, but day after day, I am Dea after Dea.

And here I am. So many things had happened in the past years, many people crossed my way, many stories to tell, few others to learn from but forget about it, but I am the person who I could became after all this. After all the shit that had happened, all the pleasure, all the happiness and all the sadness, here I am, Dea, and let me tell you, I am damn proud of who I had become.

Being proud it doesn’t mean that I am blind. I know I am not perfect. And I do want to learn and improve a lot in the next days that will come, and I have started this blog with this idea of keep a record of my changes, of my learning, of my improvement, through my mistakes and my mess, but proving the point that, day after day, I will be Dea after Dea.


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